Day 1: Settling in

We got an unexpected “settling in day” today after our trip to Ganta was postponed until Sunday. We got to do some exploring around downtown Monrovia as well as some recuperating at the home of Bishop John G. Innis, our host. We have internet access for the time being but will likely be without it again during our time in Ganta (we return this coming Saturday evening).

Tomorrow we begin our time in Ganta after a short six-hour car ride. The rainy season has already begun here, so the ride is likely to be pretty muddy in addition to the already-expected bumpiness.

Once there, our actual work with the schools will begin.

Bishop Innis’ home in Monrovia, and ours for the next three weeks.

We promise to have better pictures in the future. It took us 30 minutes to load just this one.


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