Day 3: Visiting the first schools

Today we traveled east of Ganta to visit three schools in Nimba County. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but we found welcoming smiles everywhere we went. At two of the three schools, we even found that the administration and students had put together welcoming ceremonies for us. Over the entrance of each of these schools was a traditional Liberian welcome, an arch made of palm branches.

The third school was already closed when we got there in the afternoon, but we were still able to meet with the principal to learn about the school.

Our first day could definitely be called a success, as we’ve been able to gather a wealth of information for our project. Also, James was a huge hit with his camera. It’s safe to say that the average Liberian child is not camera shy.

All smiles from the students of Gbedin United Methodist School


One thought on “Day 3: Visiting the first schools

  1. It warmed my heart to hear this account of your visit to the schools, and to see all of those lovely smiling faces! I am so thankful that you have this blog so that we can share in your adventures with you!

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