Day 4: Long Ceremonies, Long Days

Today we traveled west of Ganta to visit three more schools. By the time we got to the third school we were exhausted from the heat and strenuous car ride, and apparently the kids were exhausted too — we found out on our way there that they had been waiting on us since 8 a.m. (we got there around 1:30)!

After yesterday and today we’ve decided that three schools per day is a little too much to try to fit into just a few hours. From now on we’re going to do the best we can to have a more personal interaction with the main leaders of the school so that we can find out more intimate details about the institutions’ histories.

Because it is Liberian tradition to have large, loud and long welcoming ceremonies for any visitors (especially white ones), a lot of our time has been taken up with said ceremonies. Though exciting, these experiences aren’t exactly what we’ve been looking for, as it’s difficult to encourage people to tell us their personal stories in this crowded setting.

Our hope is that as we get the opportunity to have more one-on-one interactions with school representatives, we will be better able to make those individuals comfortable enough with us to tell us their personal experiences through the country’s civil war and the consequential struggles that they have dealt with.
James has, however, gotten some great pictures along the way.

Kids awaiting our arrival at Kpain School


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