Day 5: Change of plans again

So we had just about exhausted the schools in Ganta by the end of today. Our original plan was to stay in Ganta until Friday, but we decided that it would be better to go ahead and head back to Monrovia today. Also, on Friday there is a huge funeral in Ganta for Reverend Herbert Zigboo (who was very influential in the Methodist Liberian community) that is going to be bringing hundreds of people into town, and things are going to get very hectic. So now we’re back in Monrovia and we will be getting in contact with some people here before we start visiting more schools and their administrations.

Earlier today we visited Ganta United Methodist School, talked to the principle, and got a tour of the school from our friend Mandrick and two students. One of the most interesting parts of the school was former boys’ dormitory that had been destroyed during the civil war. There were men working on the reconstruction as we walked through the building, but they hadn’t made much progress as there were still pieces of concrete and burned wood covering the ground.

What’s left of the boys’ dormitory hallway

After that we started our long trek back to the capital city. The only thing worse than the ride to Ganta was the ride back from Ganta in the dark. Thankfully we made it through the bumpiest part while it was still light, but once we got closer to the city the sun went down and the traffic picked up. Trucks zooming past and motorcycles weaving through traffic while you can barely see them was pretty scary. Safe to say it was one of the more stressful moments of our trip so far. And who knew that 9 o’clock at night is rush hour in Red Light, Monrovia? (By the way, it’s named Red Light because it has the one stop light in all of Monrovia (that hasn’t worked since before the war)) It was bumper-to-bumper-to-motorcyle wheel-to-wheelbarrow-to-kneecap traffic.

Rush hour at night in Red Light

But we made it back safe and are excited about the Bishop’s air-conditioned rooms and Rebecca’s cooking.


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