Day 7: West Point

Despite the rain, we visited West Point Township today, the most impoverished and densely populated area of Monrovia. The principal of John Kofi Asmah United Methodist School, Sam Quarshie, came with us to the school, otherwise we would have never found it.

It was raining once we arrived in West Point and parked at the church, out of sight of the school. In order to get to the school we had to walk through a maze of homes, mostly smaller than 10×10 feet. Thank goodness Sam knew where he was going, because all sense of direction was lost after maybe the third turn down a narrow alleyway.

One of the alleyways on our way to the school. Should have brought boots.

When we finally made it to the school, we had a short tour and then sat down to talk with Sam. The school building is only a couple of months old, and an impressive three stories high. In the middle of Liberia’s worst slum, this is probably the nicest school facility we’ve seen so far.

West Point is a peninsula that protrudes from downtown Monrovia and is adjacent to Monrovia’s port. There are approximately 70,000 people living in West Point, and it is not a very large space of land. At first glance, it seems to be no larger than the average U.S. college campus, and it’s becoming smaller due to erosion into the ocean. West Point is primarily a fishing community.

The view from the top story of the school of the slums and fishing boats of West Point.


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