Day 10: Hope for the Deaf

We didn’t travel far from home today as we only went down the road, where we discovered a unique school. After our meeting with the Director of Education of all of the United Methodist schools in Liberia, we visited Hope for the Deaf. This school caters to those with hearing impairments between the ages of 8 and 24.

When Hope for the Deaf was founded it was the only school in Liberia that tailored to students with hearing disabilities. The school teaches students the traditional academic curriculum, as well as basic skills like sewing for the girls and shoe making for the boys. This gives these deaf students vocational skills that allow them to enter the work force. Without this training, these students may not have any other means to sustain themselves.

It was both refreshing and exciting to meet with the principal who is very enthusiastic about what he is doing. When David Worlobah was in high school, he found his passion for working with the hearing impaired, and even traveled to Zambia to study American Sign Language.

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days — we’ve been working around power outages.

A student at Hope for the Deaf greeting us with an “I love you”

A hearing impaired student showing the shirt that she had made.


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