Day 13: St. Peter’s Lutheran Church

Today we visited St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. We weren’t drawn to this church to get the story of their school, but to learn about the church’s bloody history. We were able to speak with the current pastor of the church, who provided us with a wealth of information surrounding the church’s history.

On July 29, 1990, Samuel K. Doe’s rebels entered St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. They proceeded to open fire on to hundreds of citizens who were seeking asylum in the church’s sanctuary and school building. 500 innocent people were massacred that day.

It’s hard to describe exactly the feeling that was brought on by being inside the church’s sanctuary — where the original windows, punctured with bullet holes, casted an eerie glow on to the pews. Just as striking was what we saw outside: a parking lot and a basketball court settled nonchalantly over the site of two mass graves. Marking each grave was a simple, large white star.


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